AD Ann Demeulemeester

Ann Demeulemeester emerged in the late 1980s and has since been continuously recognised as one of fashion’s leading creative forces.

From Spring Summer 2015, a new shoe collection – AD Ann Demeulemeester – will be added to the existing accessories offer. This mens and womens shoe collection will be a first step into a more commercial offering, showcasing the Ann Demeulemeester aesthetic in slightly more basic shapes and materials, creating an interesting offer at entry level prices.


Duvetica launched in 2004, with the aim of offering a mens and womens outerwear concept which combines a smart mix of high quality product with a strong, modern fashion identity.

Duvectia only produces exclusively down jackets filled with pure grey goose down, the rarest and the most precious down, in the best possible composition (90% down – 10% small feather). This gives a product which is both warmer and lighter weight in comparison to its counterparts. All the processing and sanitization procedures of the down are carried out in compliance with European Community standards and certified by official laboratories.

Duvetica therefore represents the highest quality in both technical performance and aesthetics, thanks to the technological innovation in fabrics and production processes, and European manufacture. ‘Made in Italy’ design gives an original and unique mix of shapes and colours.


A focus on femininity, punctuated with boyish elements is essential to the Fall Winter Spring Summer design ethos.

The collection is playful, timeless and altogether contemporary. Classic ward- robe staples, including shift dresses, have been reinterpreted in specially developed bonded fabrics to give a super luxe feel.

‘What makes it feel modern is the fact we have looked at old silhouettes, deconstructed and remade them, using new fabrics and new techniques. It doesn’t feel at all retro,’ says Creative Director Nina Granerød. ‘You can see sporty influences. We have chosen to fuse technical fabrics with some softer, more traditional textiles.’


Holubar, a classic brand of American “Outdoor Gear”, was born in Boulder, Colorado in 1946.

The brand quickly imposed its presence on the market throughout the United States for the excellent quality of its products and the pioneering approach of Alice and Roy Holubar to whom the industry owes a great number of technical innovations that have inspired many of the most renowned companies of the ‘Outdoor Gear’. The company was highly respected for its innovations in design and manufacturing of lightweight, yet rugged mountaineering soft-gear including clothing, parkas, tents, and sleeping bags.

One of the reasons that enact the success of many of the innovations introduced by the Holubars since the early years was that Alice and Roy had always maintained close relations with the world of climbers and outdoor enthusiasts. This proximity to the world of outdoor professionals meant that each of the technical innovations introduced by them was the result of an exchange of ideas with the same users of products and were determined by real needs of functionality arising from experience.

The Holubar collection of today continues to offer innovative and functional outerwear, with a focus on down-filled parkas.


Running a denim brand is like being in a band. The best bands are the ones that have a burning passion for roots music and the rebellion, aesthetic and lifestyle connected to it. Great bands take us and the music to new places by experimenting with the original, raw sounds and rhythms. Neuw aim to create their jeans like their favourite bands create their songs.

Neuw Denim is collaboration between Par (Swedish denim designer) and 2 Australians, Steve Little and Richard Bell. The Threesome became friends over beers 6 years ago. What unified these 3 was inspiration from traditional denim craftsmanship and the rebellious nature of denims history.

Neuw denim. Respect the heritage; embrace the future.


Born and raised in Los Angeles, Paige combines Southern California casual with pure sophistication.

Committed to using the highest quality materials, the denim line infuses considered, unexpected details into each and every design. Inspired by strength that comes from knowing who they are, Paige is passionate about delivering highly addictive, trendsetting pieces.

Prps Noir
Prps Goods & Co.

Prps, short for ‘Purpose’, was cre­at­ed in 2003 by Founder and Cre­ative Di­rec­tor, Don­wan Har­rell, with the phi­los­o­phy that au­then­tic­i­ty is the first priority. Each item in the col­lec­tion is con­ceived with a spe­cif­ic pur­pose and func­tion in mind.

More recently, Donwan has launched sub-collections to the original line, namely ‘Prps Noir’ and ‘Prps Goods & Co.’.

Prps Noir is a luxurious collection of Japanese selvedge denim where a darker and more directional aesthetic has been created with true denim fans in mind.

The Prps Goods & Co. collection is a full product offer with an aesthetic reflection of the personality behind the Prps brand and one which encompasses early American outdoor influences.

The Last Conspiracy

The Last Conspiracy sets out to provide quality artisan footwear, items withstanding any test of time, imbued by the sense of history. Each pair is handmade with profound attention to detail, thus imprinted with a personal connection between shoemaker and wearer. This selective process is conducted with patience, willfulness and mindful purpose. Against a contrasting backdrop shaped by a continuous dialogue between Portuguese craftsmanship and Nordic minimalism.

The Last Conspiracy develops functional and essential footwear, with a proud artistic post-modern legacy. Each collection is built on the premises of experimental progress, allowing for new treatments and construction processes. Authentic shoemakers first and design studio second, they are ambiguous explorers of modern waders.

Won Hundred

Having long felt the urge to launch his own vision of a distinctive clothing line, Nikolaj Nielsen, an industry veteran with a vast background in denim, founded Won Hundred in 2004 with the ambition to challenge the way fashion was grasped in native Denmark.

Won Hundred is a brand with a collection rooted in classical menswear and traditional formalwear and a willingness to take risks. A search for refined and clean lines transforms a classic wardrobe into a modern history. Inspired by heritage gentlemen style and cultural influences from art, nature, music and people makes the minimalistic designs to have an old soul. A sharp eye for detailing and a love for fine qualities add to the heritage feeling of a strong and clean collection.